Creating the Difference
by Brittany Rubenstein 07/09/2012
Creating The DifferenceBefore working at Premier Studios, all I knew about marketing agencies are words that could be used to describe an art class; they are fun, creative and different. Every career has its own list of adjectives to describe what they do, and after working at Premier Studios for nearly seven weeks now, I’ve been able to expand my list, to say the least, to a much broader choice of words. Here are a few that can describe my work experience here at Premier Studios in the most prosperous way.

1. Lively
At Premier Studios, something is always going on. Whether it’s a client getting a tour of the agency or video production working in the recording studio, everyone is always on their feet getting things done. Sometimes Matt Johnson, executive creative director, will even play his guitar for us. The energy and life that each member of our agency brings to the table is always useful for every assignment put in front of us. Even when we have our weekly agency meetings on Monday mornings you can feel the energy throughout the room. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, our minds are always flowing with thoughts and creative juices to share with our clients.

2. Productive
Give us a deadline; we’ll meet it with flying colors. That’s how work gets done around Premier Studios, always staying on top of our game and putting all we have into every project we receive. Even though this may just be our job, we come to the office everyday to do what we love and care about; I’d hardly say its work. The more projects the better; it just gives us more of a reason to be doing what we love! Our thinking caps are always on and ready to be thrown into action.

3. Unique
There are many marketing agencies all over the country that are competing for the same projects and clients everyday. That’s where Premier Studios stands out; we’re not just the average marketing agency that blends in with the rest. We’re different. With our team of about twenty people, we work together as friends and coworkers to create some of the best projects our clients have seen. How are we so different? Our team can create timeless and original projects that can make any client stand out against their competitors. Even though every marketing agency may say they are unique and different, just take a look at our past work and see for yourself how we are true to our word.

4. Bold
Forget about the simple, easy tasks that you’re used to and get ready for new ideas that scream creativity and imagination. When you look at the media and see the same ideas over and over, think again. Here at Premier Studios our ideas are fresh and new. Why go the same old route when you can go a new direction and achieve something even stronger? We don’t just dip our feet in the deep end; we dive all the way to the bottom.

The list can go on, but then I’d be writing all week. Everyday when I enter Premier Studios I can always count on seeing smiling faces and energy wherever I go. It’s the passion and commitment everyone here has that makes us so successful in all the work we do. Each time the other interns and I sit down to work on our Christmas campaign for SUSIE Magazine, we keep in mind these styles of work in hopes of one day being as thriving as our coworkers.

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